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A spicy night with British-Asian band RSVP whose unique sound is a mix of classic Bhangra music fused with the very latest in the global music scene, to produce cutting edge dance tunes. RSVP has played at many UK festivals including WOMAD as well as at Melas and other large Asian gatherings. RSVP is a mad mix of British Asians and non-Asians who love to show the two different cultures they belong to.

This is a test video shot at the gig. A better version will be available later if this test works successfully. The fading in and out of the picture is due to the lighting, not the cameraman!

RSVPís line-up:
Indian lyrics and raags supplied by Dildar (bringing the Raff 'Mohammed Rafi') and Guitar/Flute/Accordion/Violin riffs supplied by Cris and Sarah (bringing the Riff).
This is held together by the wicked Tabla/Dholki beats of 'Master' Jeevan and, the crazy-dark drums from 'Puggy'.
To top off the crew - the guy whose energetic stage performance oozes out to the dancing crowds, providing Rap and playing Bass guitar - Judge.

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